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2610 N Susquehanna Trail
Shamokin Dam, PA

Monday - Friday 8:30 - 6:00
Saturday 8:00- 6:00


Unlimited Washes - $17.95!!!

No more fighting the weather for a clean car.  When you sign up for our KleenPass you can wash whenever you want.  Wash today, run through a mud puddle, wash it again.  Your membership gives you that privilege.  For the price of about two washes, you can have unlimited washes at the best car wash around.

Every wash includes towel drying!  Try us out and experience what cleaner, drier and shinier is really like!  No one else offers the same quality. 

Ready to sign up?  Just choose "Unlimited Plans" at our payment kiosk or stop in the office.  Takes just a couple minutes and you will be able to enjoy a clean car all the time. 



We do windows! (and vacuuming)

Kleen Mist is the only car wash in the area to offer excellent interior cleaning with your car wash.  We will clean your windows, vacuum your carpets and seats, and dust your dash and console and clean your door jambs.  We do all this in just a few minutes, your time is too valuable to waste!

We have it all...

  • Fast wash with towel dry!
  • Interior cleaning
  • Express Detailing  (while you wait)
  • Complete Detailing (by appointment)
  • Self Serve Car Wash
  • TouchFree Inbay Automatic (Open 24/7)


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