• kleenmist
  • August 18th, 2022
  •   Blog

We have a brand new program to help your organization. Our desire is to benefit our community organizations and keep it simple. Car washing has been a popular fundraiser but requires a lot of effort, planning, and hoping for sun instead of rain on the day of your event.

Kleen Mist wants to simplify the process. We eliminate pre-ordering, chasing payment, shipping delays, delivering products and all of the other challenges that often come with fundraising activities.

Everyone can use a clean car and many people connected to your organization probably already use Kleen Mist. Now when they purchase a car wash, they can support your group.

Your organization’s QR code can be shared on social media and through text and emails or post it on signs and banners at your facility. The code is a link to buy a wash (or multiple washes) with their credit card. The purchased wash is sent automatically to be redeemed when it is convenient. It can also be forwarded to a friend. At the end of the program, Kleen Mist will pay your organization $10 for every car wash sold.

For more information, please email us [email protected]


How much does the car wash cost? We are offering our Platinum Wash – $20. For each wash sold, your organization will receive $10
Does the wash expire? Yes, the wash coupon is good for 3 months from the date of purchase.
What organizations can take advantage of this program? We have designed this for many groups, including sports teams, schools and school clubs, activities and programs, church groups, boy scouts, etc. Send us an email to find out if your group is eligible.
Can you help us sell more washes? Of course! We will be happy to offer ideas to help spread the word. We can also come to a meeting and explain how it works for your organization. You may even see your organization pop up on our social media pages.